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7 Ways to Avoid Client Sticker Shock

They immediately flip to the back page... and stare... for a long time... and saying nothing. This is the awkwardly loooong pause.  They usually then look up at you like you just impregnated their teenage daughter, and then look back down at the number… then look back up at you again. This time the customer’s look indicates that nothing you say from this point on matters… you are sunk. The Ghost –  This is the client who forces you to email your quote. Despite all of your attempts to get an in-person meeting to review and explain the quote, you have no luck. You succumb to the pressure to send it, and you eagerly wait for a response... nothing.  You send an email, "Hey, did you get a chance to review the quote?” Crickets… for days… weeks… nothing. Your bid full of really nice equipment was sunk by the guy who proposed an amazingly cheap system chock full of the very best in-ceiling speakers made in Uzbekistan. The client firmly believes that you are a con artist and your knowledge of Uzbeki architectural speakers is piss-poor. The ‘Give Me the Best’ –  Finally you have a client that understands quality. He makes sure you understand he wants the best. He doesn't want you to cheap out. He likes nice stuff. You sure you got that? Well, you put together an amazing quote filled with high-performance audio, video, and control and meet with him. His response?  "Well, maybe I don't really need 'the best,’ what can you do for one-quarter of the price?" After you were unable to contain your laughter for fear of peeing your pants, you realize that you just offended Mr. Faux Bigshot and your engineer will be putting in his two-week notice tomorrow because you made him work Sunday to build the "coolest system of all-time" for the guy who can't afford "the-slightly-less-than-mediocre system of all-time".

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